SunSynk 3-phase 12kW Hybridinverter

SunSynk 3-phase 12kW Hybridinverter

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The SunSynk 12kW Hybrid Inverter is a robust and sleek inverter. These inverters allow the user to control power from multiple sources such as solar energy, the grid, and generators, efficiently storing it in batteries and supplying power to your applications. With an inverter from SunSynk, you are prepared for future solutions, as there are few limitations on the generator input. Whether it's a generator, wind turbine, water turbine, etc., it doesn't matter.

As a customer, you can use SolarMAN or SunSynk's own software for management. Management can be done via a web browser, app, or directly on the display.

The SunSynk 12kW Hybrid Inverter can be connected to both 400V TN and 230V IT. Internal changes are made in the software or on the display. At 230V, it will have a maximum capacity of 7.3kW output.

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